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Get the Latest Insights and Trends for Online Video [Exclusive Report]

Get the Latest Insights and Trends for Online Video [Exclusive Report]

As social video continues to thrive, more publishers, media companies and influencers are taking advantage of the medium as a means to reach and engage with consumers and fans. Choosing the right strategy for your video distribution is now more important than ever, but how do stakeholders keep up with the key trends in the new video ecosystem?

In a brand new report from Tubular, we take an in-depth look at the benchmarking
and growth numbers that matter to you and your social video strategy. The report includes industry metrics as well as our standardized performance metrics, Tubular Video Ratings.

Download the New Q3 2017 State of Online Video Report Today! Get All the Latest Video Insights and Trends

Up-to-date Online Video Trends – Now!

Data-driven video content is becoming the cornerstone of digital marketing campaigns. Media companies, brands, and publishers can keep up with the latest insights, trends, and new data by downloading Tubular’s new ‘State of Online Video Report Q3 2017’, and watching the playback of our webinar to get the latest stats for online video. You’ll learn the following:

  • The latest global trends in video content
  • Who are the media companies winning with social video?
  • Who are the mega-creators on YouTube and Facebook Video?
  • How to take advantage of awards season on social

Food-related Video Views Continue to Grow

While a variety of content is generating views and engagement across the main social video platforms, videos related to food and drink continue to attract huge audiences. Compared to Q3 2016, food and drink video views grew by 30% on Facebook, and 140% on YouTube during the last quarter. On Facebook, the majority of food related views are generated by creators that primarily only make content about food. But on YouTube, food views are coming from a variety of creators that also publish videos around other topics.

The new report from Tubular also takes a deeper dive into food video content. For instance, did you know that on YouTube, family channels & Asian food channels drive triple digit growth for food related content? Download the research now for more insights into what’s engaging your target audience.

Food related video views on YouTube and Facebook Q3 2017 (All data via Tubular’s ‘ State of Online Video Report Q3 2017’

Exclusive Webinar on Video Insights for 2017

This quarter our report not only focuses in on the latest critical trends, but also the video trends happening right now around tent pole events like the U.S. Awards Season 2018, and World Cup 2018. We also bring you insights into sponsored video, and provide invaluable commentary on influencer demographics.

To accompany the new report, we held an exclusive webinar which offered insights on the trends you need to know to set your programming strategy up for success. We also highlight why you should choose certain tactics over others. Watch the recording online now to keep up with the changes in online video, and learn what’s in store for the future. The presenters are:

Allison Stern:  Allison is Tubular’s Co-Founder and CMO. Before Tubular, Allison worked at YouTube, with the sales operations, product marketing, and business development teams. Throughout her career, Allison has helped media companies, including 20th Century Fox and AOL, develop compelling online experiences and increase user engagement.

Lindsay Lamont: Lindsay is the Enterprise Solutions Engagement Manager at Tubular Labs. Based in our New York city office, Stanford graduate Lindsay is passionate about discovering trends and insights in the online video ecosystem.

The State of Online Video Q3 2017 Report

The exclusive ‘State of Online Video Report Q1 2017’ gives unprecedented insights into what’s happening on the major video platforms. Just click on the button below to access the webinar playback and the full report.

Download the New Q3 2017 State of Online Video Report Today! Get All the Latest Video Insights and Trends
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