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How-to Build Your Own Best Practices Around Social Video [Exclusive Masterclass]

How-to Build Your Own Best Practices Around Social Video [Exclusive Masterclass]

In the online video space, it can be a constant, albeit rewarding, battle to keep on top of best practices to ensure you leverage the most out of your programming and distribution strategy. With the main social video platforms constantly evolving their features and algorithms, and users, in tandem, changing the way they consume and engage with video, the onus is on publishers to understand the impact that these changes have – both in the short term, and in the longer term too. To further complicate things, not only do best practices differ from platform to platform, they also differ from genre to genre, and from target audience to target audience.

As the vice president of audience & platforms for Kin Community, a digital media and entertainment company that inspires women to discover and create the life they want through video content and community, I focus on the data-driven insights that drive the heart of our business model. Stellar insights not only propel our programming and distribution strategy around social video, they help us develop up-to-the minute, and constantly evolving best practices across all of our video initiatives.

Now, together with Tubular Labs, I’m excited to let you take a peek behind the curtain into what kind of best practice guidelines we follow in order to build top-line revenue for Kin Community, and ensure our family of channels are fully supported. Click the link below to download our exclusive report, and to watch our in-depth webinar. You’ll learn first hand how to ‘Find Your Own Best Practices’ and create a strategy for success in online video. The report is full of actionable takeaways that you can put into place today!

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The report and webinar will arm you with the knowledge and tools to deeply understand your audience’s wants, needs and behaviors so you can shape your video to super serve your one-of-a-kind community. You’ll get insights into the best practices that work, and learn concrete skills that allow you to find your own data, and understand what your own audience connects with. The webinar and deck take a deep-dive into:

  • Understanding the metrics that matter for your social video content
  • How to optimise for YouTube and Facebook algorithms
  • How to further develop your Audience Development strategy
  • How to use data to inform your video content strategy
  • How to increase your Audience Retention rate
  • How to find your sweet spot when it comes to Audience Overlap
  • How to balance your video upload schedule
  • The basics of A/B testing your video uploads
  • How Kin Community uses Tubular to find the insights that matter

Social Video: Find Your Own Best Practices

Best practices are so genre and audience specific that universal best practices around social – or short-form – video differ are rare. However, when a platform changes their algorithm it does start a ripple effect in user behavior that affects all video content.

Take Facebook for example. As of last January, best practice for publishing native video to the site was to keep the length around 30-45 seconds, but then Facebook updated its algorithm to favour longer videos around 1 to 2 minutes in length. Now, since the launch of Facebook Watch in August 2017, at Kin Community, we’re seeing increased views and engagement for videos up to 3 minutes in length and decreased views and engagement for videos one minute and below. In fact, in the last 30 days, our second most-viewed native upload to Facebook came in at 3 minutes and 49 seconds!

Aside from the (very) regular algorithmic updates deployed by the major social video platforms, human behaviour also plays a huge part in the way video is consumed, and then engaged with. Your team’s best practices have to take into consideration audience-specific activity, and the objective has to be to understand the motives behind the way that audience may or may not respond to your online video strategy.

Your own particular audience is going to differ from that of Kin Community’s depending on genre, demographics, range of interest and many other factors that make your audience one-of-a-kind. Our audience is primarily Millennial women who love home and lifestyle content, but the insights we give in the report and the webinar will give you a heads-up in developing your own in-house strategies for online video success, based around your own vertical & unique audience

Get the Latest Actionable Insights on Best Practices for Social Video

Gwen Miller, VP of Audience and Platforms for Kin Community, together with Allison Stern, CMO and co-founder of Tubular Labs took a deep-dive into best practices around video on the main social platforms. Together, they answer the questions that the industry is asking around which metrics to measure, how to increase audience retention, and how to optimise for the algorithms on Facebook and YouTube. You can watch the webinar now on playbook, and download the exclusive deck around best practices by clicking the link below.

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