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Our core software platform. Using auto industry intelligence and proprietary methods, it actively syndicates (posts) our Dealership Partners entire inventory to hundreds of web pages and micro sites daily.

Potential customers shop these sites and call directly in to your dealership. Unlike many of W3’s competitors, customers are never resold to other dealerships.

Measurable results, no guessing. 

  • Your Territory is Yours Exclusively. Our relationships are exclusive. We employ a “One dealership for One area” approach.
  • All call volume is measured, tracked and recorded. You watch as it happens.


The right car at the right time to the right buyer isn’t enough.  A positive reputation is crucial to first time buyer as well as established clients. Your online reputation must be impeccable. We monitor posts, comments and reviews regarding your dealership and guard your reputation 24/7.

Additionally, we employ a customer-engagement-method to ensure your customer reviews achieve the highest rating.

Increase your rating.

  • Increase customers that see you. Link to social media sites to help increase traffic.
  • Submit reviews on Yelp, Edmunds,, Yahoo! Local, Google+ Local and others.
  • We constantly monitor and respond to reviews, disputes and even malicious comments.

Measurable Performance Guarantee

We are measuring performance and you get the results.

Search Engine Optimization & Local Search is getting your customers to find YOU.  Our SEO strategy makes sure your company is ranked on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. We combine your inventory, social media, reviews, videos, press releases and more to rank your dealership above the competition.

  • Targeted specific search terms used by buyers
  • MASSIVE long term exposure to buyers

Social Media+

  • Online communication is crucial. Customers expect it. We create and maintain Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts to help you establish, maintain and protect an A rating with your customers. In turn, your reputation is solidified and your search engine ranking improves.

Dealer Fixed Ops

Increasing your reputation, SEO and social footprint systemically leads to more copies per month. More copies equal’s more service appointments, where dealers want to be. We can enhance this process by using SMS Texting which leads to an increase in referrals and re-purchases. Point blank; more of what all dealers’ desire, but few accomplish.  We can achieve this result, with an effective and unique approach.

Direct Mail 

Direct mail works, it’s predictable and we can enhance existing paths through proven strategies.

  • Proven responses, predictable results
  • Tweaked, split-tested, and tweaked again
  • Measured for ROI
  • Emails of potential buyer used before/after to lift/support response