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Official Christmas Ads or Adverts vs Sponsored Video Campaigns 200x133

Why Big Brands Need Sponsored Video Not Christmas TV Ads

Sponsored video campaigns by influential content partners and publishers can make the cash register ring far more often for big brands at a significantly lower cost than yet another expensive TV ad that’s repurposed and uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. Tubular Insights Feed

facebook dwell time 200x134

Facebook Dwell Time: What Video Marketers Need to Know

While engagements are still a powerful indicator of how your content is performing on Facebook, there’s another metric the social media platform has started prioritizing: dwell time. We take a look at dwell time, and what it means for your video content strategy on the social network. Tubular Insights Feed

Instagram stories branded video 200x106

Why Brands Need to Take Notice of Instagram Stories

Instagram has an impressive track record of helping brands boost their online presence and gain millions of video views. With the introduction of ‘Stories’, video marketers have a unique opportunity to harness this new feature and use it to their advantage. Tubular Insights Feed