Why Us

Buyer's Journey Insight

Our company tracks prospects across the entire buyer’s journey, not just on your website. In a complex sale or a long sales cycle, there will be a lot of behavior that happens well before the prospect gets to your website. There are estimates of 60-70 percent of the sale being done anonymously before they even engage with you.

Now we’re talking about the behavior that happens first, right? That behavior is something that you can capitalize on by reaching out and starting a dialogue via content with your prospect. That ability to be first, before your competition, means that you get to frame the idea and control the perspective.

There’s incredible value in you defining what the value proposition is to solve the prospect’s problem. You’re basically setting the buying criteria. Once you have that frame control, any company that comes in behind you is going to have to be compared to you. They’re going to have to move you off that spot. And if you set frame control properly, you’re going to have a tremendous competitive advantage.

Having the ability to not just be first, but to be there throughout the entire buyer’s journey makes a big difference. At any single company, you may have different levels of people doing the research, right? It might be an engineer or it might be a C-level executive. So that behavior is going to be different.

You’re going to need to know not only what the entire buyer’s journey is, but what we call active internet search. And when they visit your website, that’s what we call active search. Those prospects are going to have different types of buyer’s journeys based on their responsibility at the company. Therefore you’re not going to have the correct frame control if all you’re doing is tracking somebody’s behavior at your website.

What is the value of the behavior?  Knowing not only who is actively searching internet and when they’re searching, but why they are. This gives you the ability to utilize that piece of insight to advance the sale, to strike up a relationship, to have a conversation via marketing collateral, and yes, eventually close them.

By being able to target somebody across the entire buyer’s journey, especially prior to them coming to your website, you now can induce them to consume your content in an ungated way. You’re going to get more clicks. You’re going to get deeper engagement, because the prospect will feel like they’re in control of the decision making process.

Your job when you ask somebody to consume your content is for you to help them make a smart buying decision. By helping to facilitate the prospect’s smart buying decision, they can feel safe and more at ease about their decision. Using ungated content, you’re going to be able to have a conversation via that collateral, right? That mental conversation is helping you to build a relationship with them. You’re going to set the buying criteria.

So to simplify, what our company excels at is providing insight across the entire buyer’s journey, not just on your website.




Technology that Produces ​Results

We didn’t build this technology to sell you technology. We built our technology to produce a result, a profitable sale. We’re not in the business of building software. We’re in the business of enabling a transaction, i.e your sale. If our technology does not produce that outcome, then we are of no use to you.

Many of the companies you talk to build technology for you to use (i.e. another tool), and most don’t even use it themselves. We analyze our technology through the lens of your outcome. If we’re not delivering you that outcome, we need to fix our technology or get out of the business altogether.

These are the two reasons why us: 

  1. Our level of experience across the the entire buyer’s journey  
  2. Our expertise of being able to use machine learning with identity resolution and digital behavior tracking to produce a result.

At many companies, you’re going to talk to a sales rep who doesn’t even use their own technology. With us, you’re always going to get on the phone with someone who actually uses their our own technology.